Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mar 24th – Eunice & Mimi: Patience

Hello everyone!

Today’s comic is Eunice & Mimi featuring Eunice.

Comic Breakdown

“God, grant me patience.” – Eunice

Eunice waits for patience to come.

“Hurry up!” – Eunice

What is going on?

Eunice is asking God to give her the ability to be patient.   But she is annoyed at how long it is taking.


Patience is being able to wait.  To be patient, means to be able to control ones’ impulses and emotions even if you really want to do the opposite.  The longer one can wait for something, and the more positive their attitude is, the more patient they are considered. 

Why is this funny?

Developing and learning to be patient takes time.  Patience takes practice.  It does not come right away and for Eunice to only wait a few seconds for it shows how impatient she really is.

It is funny for one to be impatient for patience.  This is an ironic situation.  To read about irony, click here and here.

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