Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 17th – Family Circus: Prayer

Hi everyone,

Today’s comic is Family Circus.

Comic Breakdown

“There’ll always be prayer in schools as long as there are tests” – Grandma

What is going on?

A big political issue in the United States in recent years is whether or not to allow religious prayer in public schools. 

Though the majority of Americans are Christian, the United States is officially a secular country.  American law states that the church (religion) and the state (anything related to the government) must be separate.
Why is this comic funny?

Billy’s mom is thinking about how prayer will always remain in school in some way or another even if outward prayer is not allowed. 

Students will always continue to pray, whether or not they are religious, as long as tests continue to be given.  

Even people that are not religious will always pray (or hope) to pass and to do their very best when they face a difficult task.

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