Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Apr 21st – Mimi & Eunice: Outside of the Box

Hi everyone,

Today’s comic is Mimi & Eunice

Comic Breakdown

Mimi & Eunice sitting in a box

“It’s ok to think outside of the box.  But the rest of you should stay in the box” . – Mimi

Mimi & Eunice sitting in a box full of money

“That’s where the money is!” – Eunice

What is going on?

There is a popular saying for life and business, “Think/Thinking outside of the box.”  This means one should think differently and see things from more than one perspective.  This is a good thing.  The phrase comes from the 1970s. 

In business, this means you should look at things from different sides and that it is great to create something new and different.  Many successful people think differently from the average person.  This is a good thing however for most people thinking differently will not result in financial gain.

Mimi & Eunice are advising that most people should stay inside of the box for financial success.  This means doing what other people are doing rather than doing your own thing.  Doing your own thing can be great but for most people you will not get rich or make much if any more money by being different.

Having ideas and thinking differently is wonderful but very few of these ideas actually become a reality. Either the idea is not so good or profitable in reality or there is no market demand.   

It is good to dream but one must be realistic hence why most people will “think outside of the box” creatively but will realistically “stay in the box”.  Staying inside the box is a good choice for most people.

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