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Apr 25th – Garfield: Diet

Apr 25th – Garfield: Diet

Hi everyone,

Today’s comic is Garfield.
Comic Breakdown

“Wow!...I guess all that hard work paid off!  This is the best you’ve ever done on a diet!” 
– Jon to Garfield

“Thank you.” – Garfield’s thoughts to Jon

“Only gained a pound!” – Garfield’s thoughts


Diet means what one eats.  Being on a diet means you are on a special food plan that requires you to follow a set food guide.  This means eating certain foods or eating more or less of something.  For example, vegetarians are people that eat a diet that does not have any meat. 

Or people that are trying to lose weight will be on diet which means you have to eat healthier and eat less.

What is going on?

Garfield is a fat cat that eats too much.  He is a on a diet.  This means that he is eating less and eating healthier.  Being on a diet is usually meant to help one lose weight and to become healthier.  Garfield’s diet is helping him gain less weight.

Why is this funny?

Even though Garfield is on a diet he still gained weight.  You are supposed to lose weight on a diet, not gain weight, however for Garfield this is still an improvement.  Garfield only gained a pound on this diet.  He gained a lot more weight on his previous diets. 
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