Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 10th – Mimi & Eunice: Speechless

Hi everyone,

Today’s comic is Mimi & Eunice.

 Comic Breakdown

“I’m speechless.  I don’t know what to say.  There are no words…” – Mimi to Eunice

“Shut up!” – Eunice to Mimi


When someone says that they are speechless, it means they cannot talk. 

People say they are speechless because they are in shock.  

It can be a happy shock.
Or a surprised shock.

Or a confused shock.

Or an angry shock.

What is going on?

This comic is funny because it shows how the expression “speechless” gets used too much. 

Many people say they are “speechless” when they are upset or surprised by something.  However, they are not truly speechless because they keep on talking and talking. 

This Mimi and Eunice comic is the perfect example of someone who talks non-stop despite claiming they are speechless. 

Eunice is so annoyed that she tells Mimi to, “shut up!” which is a rude way of telling Mimi to stop talking.   It means that Eunice has heard enough and understands that Mimi is shocked about something.

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