Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 4th – Mimi & Eunice: Black & White Thinking

Hi everyone,

Today’s comic is Mimi & Eunice.

Comic Breakdown

“I’ve given up my black and white thinking.  The shades between black and white aren’t gray.  They’re the full color spectrum!” – Mimi to Eunice

What is going on?

Mimi is saying that she does not see the world as black and white. 

Black & White

The term “black and white” is a figurative expression to mean “right or wrong” or “yes or no” or “good or evil”.  There is no other choice.  People with this view are considered either very simple or harsh in thinking.


Another way of thinking is “gray”.  This means that things are not so clear.  Many things in life are not simply right or wrong or bad or good.  Gray thinkers are not as extreme in their views and opinions.  Right and wrong or good and bad depends on every single situation. 

The Full Colour Spectrum

This means that one sees the world with an open mind.    People with an open mind are very positive and non-judgemental.  They are open to all possibilities. 

What Does Mimi See?

Mimi sees the full color spectrum which means she believes in a world of opportunities before her.  The full color spectrum means that anything is possible. 

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