Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nov 26th: Garfield & Thanksgiving Turkey

Hello everyone!

Today’s comic is Garfield featuring Grandma Arbuckle (his owner’s mother) and the cutting of the Thanksgiving turkey. 

American Thanksgiving is tomorrow, November 27th.  American Thanksgiving always falls on the last Thursday of November. 


This comic does not require any words to make sense or to be funny for any North American or anyone that has roasted and eaten turkey.  It is a cultural representation of many people’s feelings towards serving and eating turkey. 

What is going on?

Whenever one thinks of Thanksgiving, the first thing that one usually remembers is the turkey.  Unofficially, Thanksgiving is even known as Turkey Day!

One common problem of roasting a turkey is that it is not easy.  Many people end up having a turkey that is very dry.  Dry turkey meat is very hard to eat and very hard to cut!

Why is this image funny?

Because of the difficulty of cutting turkey meat, many people have thought about using a chainsaw instead of a knife.  Grandma Arbuckle is literally going to use the chainsaw so Garfield is worried!

Luckily it all works out and a nicely cut turkey is the result.  Everyone is happy. 

But in real life, no one should try to cut a turkey with a chainsaw!

If you would like to learn more about turkey, click here.

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