Monday, November 3, 2014

Nov 3rd: Hi & Lois – Running a Temperature

Hello everyone!

Today’s comic is Hi & Lois featuring baby Trixie. 


“Uh oh, Trixie, you may be running a temperature.” – Lois (Mother)

“That’s impossible!  I can’t even walk yet.”  – Trixie thinking to herself

Running a temperature?  What does it have to do with walking?

The expression “running a temperature” does not literally have anything to do with the action of running or walking.  It means that someone has or is developing a fever. 

A fever is when one has a higher than average body temperature.  This means that Trixie is getting sick and her temperature is higher than normal. 

Because Trixie is a baby she takes the meaning of “running a temperature” to be literal and is therefore confused as to what her mother is saying.  Trixie understands that she is sick but does not realize her mother just used a popular expression to describe when one is sick with a high temperature, a fever. 

Today’s images are from here and here.

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