Thursday, November 27, 2014

Nov 27th: Hi & Lois & Thanksgiving

Happy American Thanksgiving everyone!

American Thanksgiving takes place on the last Thursday of November every year. 

Today’s comic is Hi & Lois.  This comic makes reference to one of the most famous images in American culture and of the Thanksgiving holiday in general. 


“Life doesn’t always imitate art.” – Lois

“You’re right.  This is nothing like the Norman Rockwell painting.” – Hi

What is going on?

This comic makes reference to the fact that the Thanksgiving meal is often not a picture perfect moment the way the media makes it look.  Making the meal is a lot of work and serving the food is not always easy.  For most people, Thanksgiving is both a wonderful and stressful time.

Who is Norman Rockwell? 

Norman Rockwell was a twentieth century American artist.  His works are an important representation and reflection of American culture.  

Norman Rockwell

Even people that do not know his name are probably very familiar with his art work. 

What painting is referenced in this comic?

A popular image of Thanksgiving that one imagines when they think of the holiday is of a happy family sitting around a dining table with a mother figure laying down the Thanksgiving turkey to signify that the Thanksgiving meal is about to start.  This image comes from Rockwell’s 1943 painting “Freedom from Want”.

"Freedom from Want" Painting

The painting “Freedom from Want” represents the ideal image and modern spirit of Thanksgiving.

This painting is very famous and has been widely referenced, adapted, and parodied (made fun of) since its creation. 

Simpsons Parody of "Freedom from Want"

To read more about the painting “Freedom from Want”, click here.  

In Conclusion

Thanksgiving, whether it is calm or hectic, is a holiday that North Americans think of with warm feelings.  The holiday is both a happy and stressful occasion but what holiday is not?  It can be especially stressful for adults as Hi and Lois have demonstrated but at the end of the day everyone finishes the holiday with (happy) new memories. 

In real life Thanksgiving may not be a Norman Rockwell painting but it is still a memorable family occasion.

To read more about Thanksgiving, click here.

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