Friday, November 28, 2014

Nov 28th: Black Friday

Hello everyone!

Today is Black Friday!  Black Friday takes place on the last Friday of November, the day after American Thanksgiving.   Black Friday is a common social experience and event if you live in North America and the United Kingdom. 

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a shopping event when stores have big sales and huge discounts.  A lot of people use this day to begin their Christmas shopping and to buy expensive goods such as electronics at sale prices.  Black Friday is similar to Boxing Day.

Black Friday began in the United States but has spread across the Americas and other English speaking countries around the world in recent years.   Black Friday is now an unofficial Thanksgiving weekend tradition for many Americans.

Black Friday is also the unofficial start to the Christmas holiday season. 

Today’s comic makes fun of the excitement and confusion that comes with Black Friday sales.  


Pros: Big Discounts on the mostly subpar electronic goods.
“Hey, that’s a good price for a crapasonic!”

Cons: Sales begin at 5 A.M and you will likely be crushed in the human stampede.
“I regret nothing!”

What is going on?

This comic is making fun of the fact that the shopping deals on Black Friday may not be so good after all.  

The made up word “crapasonic” is a play on the name of the electronic brand name Panasonic.  Crapasonic means crappy electronics.  People always want to buy electronics like televisions on sale and Black Friday is considered a good time to do so.  However a lot of the electronics and other goods being sold are not of the highest quality or the best price on Black Friday. 

Even if you do find a good bargain (a good price) for something you want it is not easy to get.  There are large line ups and crowds at all stores and shopping centers.  Some people even fight one another to get what they want.  Also, to get what you want you have to line up all night or wake up very early to avoid the crowds.   Black Friday shopping can literally be chaos (crazy confusion).

Regardless, many people still go out and shop on Black Friday.  Many leave feeling they had a great shopping experience and others leave feeling they had a bad shopping experience. 

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