Friday, October 31, 2014

Oct 31st: Peanuts & Trick or Treating

Happy Halloween everyone!

Today, October 31st, is the holiday of Halloween!  Halloween is popularly celebrated in Canada and the United States and many other countries around the world.

Today’s comic is Peanuts featuring Sally Brown.


“I forgot the words” – Sally Brown thinking to herself

What words did Sally Brown forget? 

On Halloween night, children go Trick or Treating.  Sally Brown forgot to say, “trick or treat”.

What is Trick or Treating?  Why is Sally Brown dressed up like a witch? 

Children dress up on Halloween, often as witches and ghosts and other scary creatures, and go around their neighbourhood at night to get free candy and other treats.  It is called Trick or Treating.  The ritual is you knock on the doors of your neighbours and you shout, “trick or treat!”

The idea is if you do not give the Trick or Treaters a treat (candy or something delicious to eat) they will give you a trick (something not so nice) instead.

This comic is also funny from a cultural perspective because many young children do forget the words, “trick or treat”, when they go Trick or Treating.

The Origins of Trick or Treating on Halloween

The traditions of Halloween and Trick or Treating are based on old Christian and pagan (non-Christian) beliefs.  People used to dress up as scary creatures because they hoped this would scare away evil spirits who roamed the Earth on Halloween.  Also, people left treats and other food offerings for the spirits in hopes that the spirits would leave them alone. 

In modern times, the tradition of Halloween has evolved into one of fun and candy for children.

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