Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dec 23rd – Hi & Lois & the Christmas Senses

Hello everyone!

Today’s comic is Hi & Lois with a Christmas holiday season theme.

Comic Breakdown

Baby Trixie sees Dawg the dog dressed as a reindeer.  She sees her father dressed in a red hat with a big sack on his back like Santa Claus.  Trixie see’s Christmas lights going up on a pine tree which looks like a Christmas tree.  Trixie helps her sister Dot wrap gifts.  Trixie smells her mother’s baking.  Trixie hears her brother playing a holiday song.  Trixie’s brother Ditto gives her a Christmas cookie to eat.

“It’s beginning to feel, smell, sound, and taste a lot like Christmas!” – Trixie’s thoughts

What is happening?

By using her senses, Trixie has observed that it is Christmas time!

What are senses?

Senses refer to the things that your body and mind perceives or "senses".  It is how humans and animals judge things and know things.  We cannot live without our senses.  You can live without some senses but not all.

The five main senses are hearing, touching, seeing, smelling, and tasting

What is going on in this comic?

Trixie might be a baby but using her senses she knows that it is the Christmas holiday season.  She hears, tastes, smells, and sees things related to Christmas.  The conclusion is that it must be Christmas time! 

Also, this comic is referencing the holiday song, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.”

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