Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dec 3rd: Cyber Monday & Online Shopping

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This past Monday (Dec.1st) was Cyber Monday!  Cyber Monday is one of the biggest days of the year for online (internet) shopping.  It is like Black Friday or Boxing Day but online.  Cyber Monday takes place the Monday after Black Friday. Stores have huge sales and discounts on their websites.  To read more about Black Friday click here and here.
Comic Breakdown

“Shouldn’t we get today off?” – Penguin

“No…why?” – Green Ape 

“It’s Cyber Monday…the day we honor all web designers.” – Penguin

What is this comic talking about?

This comic is marking the importance of web designers.  Both characters in the comic are web designers.  Web designers are the people who design and maintain websites.  Without their hard work, shopping on Cyber Monday or doing anything on the internet would be a difficult experience.   

We see and think about the hard working sales associates and store clerks on Black Friday who have to work rather than shop or spend time with their families.  Yet we forget that there are many people working behind the scenes too to make our shopping experience run as smoothly as possible.  This could be the delivery man or the people at security and online it is the web designer. 

Even though it is no longer Cyber Monday, it is important to remember to appreciate everyone that is working hard this holiday season including the people behind the scenes such as the web designers. This year, business analysts have predicted that a lot more people will now do their Christmas gift shopping online rather than in store.

Today’s images are from here, herehere, and here.

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