Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dec 27th – Turkey & Smother

Happy holidays everyone!  Christmas might be over but it is still the holiday season. 

Comic Breakdown

“Isn’t it true that you had plans to smother my client?” – Lawyer (who is a turkey) questioning the gravy (sauce) 

What is going on?

Christmas might be over but many Christmas and holiday events such as holiday gatherings, parties, and meals between friends and family take place during the entire month of December.  Companies may have holiday parties and dinners as early as December 1st and some people even have holiday meet ups, dinners, and gatherings after Christmas.

Why is the gravy on trial? 

Turkey is a popular holiday food to eat.  Other popular Christmas holiday foods include duck and ham or other special foods that are not eaten all the time.  People love to “smother” (cover) their food in gravy; especially turkey.

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The word "smother" is a synonym for the word "cover".  Both mean to put or place over something.  

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