Monday, December 8, 2014

Dec 8th – Family Circus & Naughty or Nice

Hello everyone!

Today’s comic is a Family Circus with a Christmas theme. 

Comic Breakdown

“He asked if I’ve been a good boy!  Can I say, ‘yes’?” – Billy asking his mother

What is going on?

The “him” that Billy is referring to is Santa Claus.  The mother has taken her children to visit Santa Claus.  It is the tradition in many countries to take children to the shopping center or other public venues to meet Santa Claus in the weeks before Christmas. 

Children will sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what they would like for Christmas.  Santa often asks the children if they have been good that year.  Many children also get their pictures taken with Santa at this time.

Why is Billy asking if he can tell Santa that he has been good?

Santa Claus knows all and sees all.  Christmas tradition states that Santa keeps a list of all the children in the world and their behaviour that year.  He knows who has been naughty (bad) and who has been nice (good).

This comic is funny because it shows how many children are not sure if they have been more naughty or more nice.  It is hard to be perfect all year round. 

To learn more about how the children of Family Circus have been during the year, click here.

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