Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dec 28th – To be naughty or to be nice?

Hello everyone!

Today’s comic is Family Circus.

Comic Breakdown

“Mommy!  Can we start being naughty again or do we still need to be nice?”

– Dolly asking her mother if she can fight back against her brother

What is going on?

Santa Claus sees all and knows all.  He keeps a list of all the children in the world and of who was naughty (bad) or nice (good).  If you were nice you got a good gift for Christmas.  If you were naughty you got a bad gift, no gift, or traditionally a lump of coal.

Christmas is over now and Santa Claus has finished giving out the gifts to the children of the world.  There is no Naughty or Nice list to worry about for another year. 

Do the children still need to be good or can they be bad again? 

To read more about being good for Christmas, click here and here.

Today’s images are from here, here, here, and here.

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