Friday, October 17, 2014

Oct.16th: Garfield & Gullible

Hello Everyone!

Introduction to Garfield

Today’s comic is Garfield.  Garfield was created by Jim Davis in 1978.  The comic strip features the life of Garfield; a lazy, cynical, and fat cat.  The other main characters are Jon Arbuckle, Garfield’s owner, and Jon’s dog, Odie. 

Definition – Cynical

The adjective “cynical” is used to describe someone who is distrustful of others and are only concerned with themselves and their own needs.  Synonyms (words that are the same or similar in meaning) for cynical include selfish, suspicious, and skeptical. 

What does “gullible” mean?

The word “gullible” is an adjective and it is used to describe someone that is very easy to persuade or trick. 

Note: If you even start trying to say "gullible" slowly to hear if it sounds like "oranges" you are being gullible.  This quote is a trick! 

Synonyms (words that are similar or mean the same thing) for gullible include innocent, naïve, foolish, impressionable and inexperienced. 

Why is this comic funny?

Because this comic shows how gullible people (and the character of Jon Arbuckle) can be when reading information from the internet.

Comic Breakdown

“It’s amazing what you can learn online.” – Garfield’s thoughts

-        The internet is full of information on anything and everything.  Some information is real and some information is fake.

“Brain-eating Martians are going to get us!” – Jon

-        Jon has read information on the internet that claims that there are Martians (aliens from Mars) and that they are going to come to Earth and eat humans.  This is silly but a gullible person might believe this.

“Like how gullible some people are.” – Garfield’s thoughts

-        Garfield is commenting that besides reading on the internet how foolish people can be you can also see it for yourself in real life by giving a naïve (gullible) person something silly to read.   

In conclusion, people should always be careful when reading information on the internet.  The information could be real or it could be fake; it is hard to tell sometimes. 

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