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Oct.25th: The Peanuts - Autumn & Sucker

Hello Everyone!

Today’s comic is Peanuts featuring Charlie Brown and Linus.

The current season in North America (which is part of the Northern Hemisphere) is Autumn! 

Note: In North American English, Autumn also goes by the name Fall. 

A fun Autumn activity for children is to jump into piles of raked leaves. 

Could there be anything better than jumping happily into a pile of leaves?  How about playing in leaves and eating candy?  Maybe?  Maybe not? 

Comic Breakdown

“Never jump into a pile of leaves holding a wet sucker.” – Linus

What is a “sucker”?

The word “sucker” is another name for a lollipop.  The words sucker and lollipop are synonyms.

The word sucker has a few meanings.  It can be another name for a lollipop.  A lollipop is a piece of hard candy on a stick.

The word “sucker” is also a slang that means someone that is a fool or easily tricked.  

The word “sucker” is also used to refer to a “baby sucker” which is another word for pacifier or soother.  Literally a baby sucks on it.

The word “sucker” is also a homograph. 

What is a homograph? 

A homograph is a word that shares the same spelling as another word but mean different things.  For example, the word “sucker” has three meanings.

Some words that are homographs besides being written the same way are also pronounced the same way.  For other homographs, they share the same spelling but are pronounced differently. 

What is the lesson of this comic?

In conclusion, Linus has learned the hard way that you can have your candy and you can jump into a nice pile of leaves but you cannot do both at the same time.  Why? Because dry leaves will stick to wet candy. 

Therefore, if you try to jump into a pile of leaves with a sucker (lollipop) you will be a sucker.

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