Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Oct.8th: Hi & Lois - Toy Story

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Today’s comic is Hi & Lois.  This one features Trixie.  She has just watched the Disney film “Toy Story”.

Comic Breakdown

“I saw “Toy Story”.  So stop with the silent treatment.  I know you can talk.” – Trixie speaking to her toys


Toy Story is a popular Disney film from 1995.  It is about the secret world of toys who are actually alive but stay silent and lifeless (inanimate) when humans are around.  Movie sequels were released in 1999 and 2010.  The movie franchise has also produced many other popular spin-offs.  Each film featured a plot that involved the toys on an adventure; often they had to find their way home after becoming lost.  The two main characters are Woody, a cowboy, and Buzz Lightyear, a space ranger. 

Young and impressionable children like Trixie may really believe that their toys are alive after watching this film. 

To read more about Toy Story, click here


The silent treatment is when one person or group ignores another by literally being silent.  It is used to cause emotional discomfort, annoyance, guilt, and even pain.  The person giving the silent treatment will not talk to you or outright ignore you in the most serious cases.  Usually, the silent treatment occurs when someone has offended or insulted another. 

The term “silent treatment” as an expression is also used a lot casually when someone may not be upset with you but are being unusually quiet.  For example, if someone feels sick and are being quiet they might be asked why they are giving others the silent treatment?  Therefore when anyone is quieter than usual the term silent treatment may be applied casually to the situation. 

In conclusion, Trixie has seen a movie about talking toys that are alive and now believes that her toys are alive too.  She wants her toys to start talking to her and to stop giving her the silent treatment. 

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