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Oct.17th: Charlie Brown & Gullible Continued

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Today’s comic is one from The Peanuts featuring Charlie Brown.  Today’s topic is also a continuation of the adjective “gullible”.  To read my first post on the subject of gullible, click here.

Who is Charlie Brown?

Charlie Brown is the main character of the popular American comic series Peanuts.  Many people know the series as Charlie Brown rather than its official name, Peanuts.  Sometimes the comic is published under the name Charlie Brown or Snoopy instead of Peanuts. 

Peanuts was created by Charles M. Schulz in 1950 and ran until Schulz’ death in 2000.  Since 2000, reruns of the comic series continue to run in newspapers around the world.  Other popular characters in Peanuts include Linus, Charlie’s best friend, Lucy, Linus’ older sister, Sally, Charlie’s little sister, Snoopy, Charlie’s pet dog, Woodstock, Snoopy’s best friend who is a yellow bird, and many other secondary characters.

Charlie Brown and his pet dog Snoopy are by far the most popular characters from Peanuts.  You may not know the comic series but most people in the world are probably familiar with the image of Snoopy.

What does “gullible” mean?

The word “gullible” is an adjective and it is used to describe someone that is very easy to persuade or trick. 

Here is an example of a trick to see who is gullible. 

If you pay to find out if you are gullible; you are gullible =D

Synonyms (words that are similar or mean the same thing) for gullible include innocent, naïve, foolish, impressionable and inexperienced. 

Charlie Brown & Being Gullible

Charlie Brown is an example of an average, kind, and good person but he is also unfortunately gullible at times.  He is a gullible person not because of inexperience but because he is overly hopeful and would be described as foolish by his friends. 

For example, Charlie Brown has never been able to kick a football (American football) because Lucy always moves it.

Lucy has tricked Charlie Brown so many times now that he should know he will never get be able to kick the football.  For Charlie Brown to believe otherwise shows that he is both hopeful and gullible.  

Here is one of many Peanuts comics featuring Charlie Brown and his attempt to finally kick the football.  Even he knows it is foolish to try this again, and again, but Lucy tricks him into always giving it one more try!

The words gullible and foolish are synonyms.  They are similar in meaning.  Charlie Brown is both gullible and foolish in this case.  But together his gullible and foolish state at times is what makes him likable and lovable to many.

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