Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oct.27th: Family Circus & Trick or Treating

Hello Everyone!

Today’s comic is Family Circus with a Halloween theme!  Halloween is this coming Friday.

“This would get me lots of candy ‘cause I’d look really hungry.” – Billy

Comic Breakdown

For anyone unfamiliar with Halloween, which includes ESL and people that are not from North America, this comic might be hard to understand.

What is Halloween?

The name Halloween comes from All Hallows’ Eve which was originally a Catholic holiday to celebrate saints.  Originally people dressed up as ghosts, witches and other scary creatures as a way to scare off evil spirits.  People also left out food, the treats, hoping that this would satisfy the spirits.  The food was meant to keep the spirits from raiding homes and villages.  Over time the traditions and beliefs of this holiday changed.  Today Halloween is a non-religious holiday for everyone. 

A popular activity for children on Halloween (October 31st every year) is to dress up like monsters and other scary creatures and to go Trick or Treating. 

What is Trick or Treating?

Trick or Treating is when children and teenagers dress up in a costume and go around their neighbourhood for candy.  The kids knock on the door and shout, “trick or treat!”. 

The people in the houses then reward the Trick or Treat goers, known as Trick or Treaters, with candy.  Usually children get chocolate, chips, and hard candy. 

In conclusion, Billy hopes that by dressing up as a skeleton people will give him extra candy and treats on Halloween because he thinks that the costume will make people think he is skinny and in need of more food. 

Today’s images are from here, here, and here.

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