Monday, January 19, 2015

Jan 19th – Charlie Brown & Picking

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Today’s comic is Peanuts featuring Charlie Brown and the two meanings of the word picking.

Comic Breakdown

“Why’s everyone always pickin’ on me?” – Charlie Brown’s thoughts on how people treat him

What does pickin’ (picking) mean?

The word picking (from “to pick”) has two meanings.   One if literal (actual) and the other is figurative.

Literal Meaning: Picking means to touch and take/grab something

Ex) picking apples from a tree

Figurative Meaning: Picking means to give someone a bad or hard time.  A mean person (a bully) will pick on (go after) someone they think is weaker.  You can pick on someone physically or mentally.

Ex) calling someone mean names (mental)

Ex) acting like you will or actually hitting someone (physical)

Charlie Brown isn’t being treated nicely by Lucy.  She is picking on him.

What is going on?

The Peanut’s character Charlie Brown is a lovable loser.  He is an average child who is neither lucky nor talented.  He has friends but they do not always treat him well or with respect.  Some, such as Lucy, love to trick him. 

Other’s like to point out things that Charlie Brown could be better at.  Many of Charlie Brown’s friends make him feel bad by accident because they tell him the truth. 

Despite this, Charlie Brown always stays positive in the end.  This is why his character is so well loved.  He is forever hopeful.

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