Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Jan 7th – Hi & Lois and Synonyms

Hello everyone!

Today’s comic is Hi & Lois featuring the topic of synonyms.

Comic Breakdown

“It sure is breezy and blustery today, isn’t it, Trixie?” – Lois speaking to Trixie

“Yeah and it’s windy too!” – Trixie’s thoughts about Lois’ comments on the weather

What is going on?

Three different words with the same basic meaning have been used in this comic.   They are breezy, blustery, and windy. 

The words breezy and blustery are synonyms of the word (verb) windy.  Though breezy and blustery have the same basic meaning as the word windy they are not identical in meaning but similar in meaning. 

Breezy: a light and easy wind

Blustery: a very strong wind

Windy: exposure to wind (any type of wind)

Synonyms are words that are similar or the same in meaning.  In some situations synonyms may have an identical meaning to another word and in other situations they only share a similar definition.  It all depends on the context.  When looking up synonyms, you use a thesaurus rather than a dictionary.  
Example of Synonyms

It is good to use synonyms because it makes you less repetitive and therefore creates more interesting conversations and better writing.

In conclusion…

The day was summarized by Trixie as being windy.

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