Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jan 31st – Family Circus: Round & Around

Hello everyone!

Today’s comic is Family Circus featuring a misunderstanding of the word round. 

Comic Breakdown

“Do you know the world is round? – Billy to his little brother Jeffy

“Round what?” – Jeffy is confused

What is going on?

Billy is telling his little brother Jeffy that the Earth is round.  It is a sphere which is a three dimensional shape.

Jeffy does not understand.  He thinks Billy is telling him that the world (the Earth) is around something.

They are both using the word “round” in different ways.  Billy is being literal when he uses the word round.  Jeffy understands the word “round” as being the short form of the word “around”.  This is causing confusion.

Round & Around – The Adjective versus The Adverb

The meanings of round

The word round is often used as an adjective.  Adjectives are used to describe nouns (a person, place, or thing).

As an adjective, the word round can mean the following:

Used to describe something that is circular.

Ex) It can be flat like a circle.

Ex) It can be three dimensional like a sphere.

It can also describe something that is round in shape.  

The object does not have to have an entirely flat area or no sharp edges to be considered round.

The meaning of around

The word “around” is an adverb.  Adverbs describe actions (verbs).

The word around means to encircle something or to go from place to place.

Ex) Andy is walking around the neighbourhood. (He is walking in the areas near where he lives.)

Ex) John has been around the world.  (It means he has traveled to many places in the world.)

In conclusion, Billy is telling is brother the Earth is round like a sphere in shape.  Jeffy misunderstands and thinks Billy means round for “around” and wonders what the Earth is physically going (encircling) around?

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