Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jan 21st – The Peanuts & Irony Continued

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Today’s comic is Peanuts featuring Lucy and the topic of irony.

To read more about irony, click here.

Comic Breakdown

“I make the world better!  I’m a positive force! – Lucy to Charlie Brown and Linus

What is going on?

Lucy is explaining she makes things better by helping others.   Her character loves to give advice.  She thinks she knows everything and can help everyone. 

What is irony?

Irony is when a situation is funny because things are the opposite of what is expected.

For example, someone is stranded (alone with no help) in the ocean and has no water to drink.

This is ironic because the person has no drinking water but is surrounded by water (water they cannot drink because it is full of salt).

Why is this ironic?

For Lucy to say that she is a “positive force” means she makes things better.  Why is this ironic?  Lucy is not usually a very nice person. 

For example, she does not treat her friends or family nicely.  Usually, she does not try to be mean but she says what she is thinking whether it is nice or mean.  She can easily make people feel bad by accident.

Lucy telling her brother Linus he is stupid.

Lucy is being ironic when she says she is a “positive force” (meaning a bringer of good things) because she does not bring good feelings to those around her.

The Peanuts character Lucy is a very honest and opinionated person.  That is why even though she thinks she is helping she usually makes people feel worse.  People do not see her as a positive (good) force.  That is why it is ironic for her to say she is a positive force.  Everyone else thinks her actions and words are a negative (bad) force.

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