Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jan 28th – Hi & Lois: to spring

Hello everyone!

Today’s comic is Hi & Lois featuring the figurative use of the word spring.  

Comic Breakdown

Hi and Lois are sleeping and dreaming of a vacation in a warm place.

“Were you dreaming what I was dreaming?” – Hi to Lois

“Probably.” – Lois

“Why can’t our dreams ever come true?” – Hi to Lois

“They can…if we’re willing to spring for a winter vacation.” – Lois to Hi

What is going on?

It is the middle of winter and they both want to get away from the cold weather.  They can take a vacation to a nice warm place if they are willing to pay for winter vacation.

Winter Vacation

Taking a winter vacation does not mean to take a holiday to a cold place.  A winter vacation is a trip you take in the winter.  It could be to anywhere; cold or warm.  All it means is that one takes a vacation during the winter season. 

The meaning of spring

Spring has several meanings.

1.The season that takes place between the months of March to May (noun/adjective) move or jump suddenly (up or forward) (verb)

3.a metal or plastic device/tool that is bouncy (noun)

The expression “to spring”

The saying “to spring” means to go for something.  Lois says that they can have a vacation in winter if they will go for the idea of it. 

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