Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Feb 10th – Mimi & Eunice: Free & Priceless

Hello everyone!

Valentine’s Day is in a few days.  The idea of love is all around at the moment.

Today’s comic is Mimi & Eunice featuring the word free

Comic Breakdown

“How much does your love cost?” – Eunice asks Mimi

“Love is free! – Mimi replies to Eunice

“Don’t you value love?” – Eunice’s response to Mimi

What is going on?

Eunice wants to know what it takes to be loved by Mimi.  Mimi says her love is free which means one does not have to do anything special to get her love.  The ones that are important to her will just be loved.  Love is not about giving and taking.  This worries Eunice because she thinks from Mimi’s answer that Mimi does not think love is important.

The meaning of free

Free means one does not have to pay any money or give anything for something.  The something can be an object or a service.  For example, the library gives the public access to books for free. 

Love is free?

The idea that love is free means that you cannot put any value on love because it is priceless.  This means it is very important and precious.  There is no money in the world that can buy it or create it.  Love is an emotion that just happens and true love (familial, romantic, or friendship) cannot be purchased the way goods or services are. 

In conclusion, for Mimi to say that love is free means that she values it very much. Eunice took the meaning of love being free too literally.  When something is free it means you do not have to pay anything for it.  Mimi meant that love is free in that it is priceless.

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