Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Feb 24th – Garfield: Synonyms & Kiss Up

Hello everyone!

Today’s comic is Garfield.

Comic Breakdown

“So, what’s it like to be old and feeble?” – Mouse to Garfield

“Better than being young and edible.” – Garfield to the Mouse

“But your wit is as keen as ever!” – Mouse to Garfield

“Kiss-Up” – Garfield to the Mouse

What is going on?

The mouse and Garfield are insulting (saying mean things) one another.

What they are saying to each other in simpler English

“So, what’s it like to be old and weak?” – Mouse to Garfield

-        The mouse is telling Garfield he is old and weak.

“Better than being young and easy to eat.” – Garfield to the Mouse

-        Cats like to chase and eat mice.  Garfield is warning the mouse to stop his insults by warning the mouse through an insult of his own.

“But your intelligence is as quick as ever!” – Mouse to Garfield

-        Mouse telling Garfield that his insult was a good one.  
     This is a compliment (words of praise).

“Kiss-Up” – Garfield to the Mouse

-        Garfield noting that the mouse’s compliment is not an honest one.

Note: The bolded words are synonyms (alternative words that mean the same thing) as the original words in the comic. 

Synonyms in this comic

Feeble = Weak

Edible = Eatable (something you can eat)

Wit = Intelligent, Smart

Keen = Quick, Enthusiastic

What is a kiss-up?

Kiss-up is a name that you call someone when they are giving false flattery.  A kiss-up says and does nice things, they give compliments, but do not really mean it.  The term “kiss-up” is similar to a “suck-up” or a “brown noser”.  Kiss-ups do and say extra nice things, honest or dishonest, to get something that they want.

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