Saturday, February 14, 2015

Feb 14th – Peanuts & Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Today’s comic is the Peanuts featuring the topic of Valentine’s Day

Comic Breakdown

“Waiting for Valentines!” – Charlie Brown’s excited thoughts

What is going on?

On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, people receive gifts and cards of well wishes from friends, family, and their romantic partner.

For children, the more cards and gifts you receive the more popular people think you are.

Charlie Brown was happy that he received a Valentine’s Day card in the mail but he became sad because Snoopy received many more!

The origins of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an annual holiday that takes on February 14th.  It is celebrated in many countries around the world.  Though a holiday, it is considered by many to be a voluntary celebration rather than a true holiday because people do not get the day off from work or school. 

Its origins are ancient and versions of the holiday existed in Ancient Rome and can be traced back to early Christianity.  Valentine’s Day became associated with romantic love in the Middle Ages.  People began giving out greeting cards (Valentine’s Day cards) in the 1800s. 

Today is a billion dollar industry due to all the cards, candy, food, jewellery, and gifts that are purchased for the occasion

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