Sunday, February 8, 2015

Feb 8th – Family Circus: Draw

Hello everyone!

Today’s comic is Family Circus featuring the word draw.

Comic Breakdown

“Grandma, you don’t hafta draw me a bath.  I know what they look like.” – Jeffy to his grandmother

Note: Hafta is the informal short form of “have to” that many say when they speak.

What is going on?

Grandma is getting a bath ready for Jeffy. 

The meaning of draw

The word draw is a verb and has more than one meaning.

The most common meaning of draw means to create an image or picture using a device that has ink such as a pencil, crayon, marker, etc.

Another meaning for the word draw means to bring or take something.

For example:  Drawing (getting/taking) water from a well.

Drawing a bath

The phrase “draw a bath” means to “prepare a bath”.   In this context, the meaning of draw is to take or bring.  The phrase “draw a bath” is from a long time ago when people did not have running water and would have to draw water from the well and bring it into the house to prepare a bath. 

In conclusion, this comic is funny because Jeffy has misunderstood what his grandmother meant when she said she would “draw” him a bath.  She meant she would get the bath ready for him but he thought she was going to draw him a picture of a bath.

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