Friday, February 20, 2015

Feb 20th – Hi & Lois: Birdie

Hello everyone!

Today’s comic is Hi & Lois.

Comic Breakdown

“How was your golf game?” – Lois

“I shot a birdie on the 16th hole!” – Hi

“Shooting defenseless little birdies!  I don’t think I like this golf game.” – Trixie’s thoughts

What is going on?

Trixie is upset because she thinks that golf is a game in which players hit birds.

The meaning of birdie

The word birdie has two meanings.

The first meaning is of the flying animal, a bird.

Many people, especially children, like to refer to birds as birdies.

The second meaning of birdie is specifically used in the game of golf.

The game of golf

Golf is a game that is played with a stick called a golf club and a tiny ball.  Players must try to score a hole (get the golf ball into the hole) in six tries.  A game has eighteen holes in all.  The fewer shots it takes to get the ball into a hole, the lower your score.  The player with the lowest score at the end of the eighteen holes wins the game.

In golf, a birdie means someone scores a hole in one.  This means to successfully get the golf ball into the hole in only one try.

This comic is funny because it shows how Trixie and many others that do not understand the game of golf could easily misunderstand what Hi said and believe that he actually hit an animal, a bird.  This misunderstanding makes golf sound like a very violent game.  Interestingly, golf is a very peaceful game.

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