Friday, February 13, 2015

Feb 13th – Friday the 13th

Hello everyone!

Today is February, Friday the 13th!

Comic Breakdown

“I don’t care if it’s Friday the 13th.  I’m just happy it’s finally Friday!

What is going on?

The person in this image is very happy that it is Friday, the end of the work week.  He does not care that it is supposed to be an unlucky day.

The Number 13

In Western Culture, the number thirteen is an unlucky number.  Some people are afraid of the number and do anything to avoid it.  Some buildings do not have a 13th floor as a result.

Why should you care if it is Friday the 13th?

Friday the 13th is also known as Black Friday. 

People think the number thirteen is bad and think the date of Friday the 13th is unlucky because both the day of the week and number date are associated with the crucifixion (death) of Jesus Christ.  He was crucified (nailed to a cross and left to die) on a Friday and there were thirteen people at his last supper.

Because of the feeling of fear connected to Friday the 13th, many people will avoid going to work or even doing risky things, such as traveling on an airplane, on that date.

Though the number thirteen has been considered unlucky by many since the Middle Ages, there is no evidence of any fear towards the date of Friday the 13th before the 1900s.

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